Plant Power, mijn nieuwste boek, ligt nu in de (online) winkel! 

Mijn nieuwste boek Plant Power, vind je natuurlijke gewicht met de plantaardige keuken, is verkrijgbaar! In dit lijvige, kleurrijke kookboek onthul ik 96 van mijn favorite 100% plantaardige recepten die je makkelijk door de seizoenen heen en in je dagelijks leven kunt integreren.


Bluebelle van Easy Peasy over Plant Power
Op de prachtige en vooral zeer informatie blog Bluebelle schrijft Claire van den Heuvel, auteur van het succesvolle boek Easy Peasy, enthousiast over Plant Power! Thank you Claire voor de mooie woorden!


Zomer smoothie uit Plant Power nu op Amayzine!
Slurp jezelf prachtig met de Beauty Berry Booze uit Plant Power! 


Plant Power bij Radio Rijnmond
Luister hier het interview van mij over Plant Power, mijn nieuwste boek, door Chris Natuurlijk op radio Rijnmond! (op 45 min).


Review over Plant Power door De Groene Meisjes
Benieuwd naar Plant Power? Lees hier het leuke artikel wat De Groene Meisjes erover schreven!


Bij BNR Duurzaam over Plant Power!
Een mooi kritisch interview door Harmke Pijpers op BNR Gezond over mijn nieuwe boek Plant Power en The Dutch Weed Burger!


Prachtige blog over The Dutch Weed Burger & myself
Ineziatief is een coole blog met allerlei inspirerende artikelen en interviews over mensen en onderwerpen die de wereld raken. Dit keer was ik aan de beurt. Thanx Inze!


Bij Pauw & Witteman
Maandag 21 april wordt er lekker gesmuld van onze Dutch Weed Burger bij Pauw en Witteman! Een prachtig momentje op Prime Time TV voor Nederland om te zien hoe ons voedsel van de toekomst eruit kan komen te zien! En die toekomst is hier en nu in de vorm van een plantaardige hamburger verrijkt met zeewier! Kijk hier! (rond 46.50)



Plant Power in de Happi Body van Happinez!
Wow! Nu een prachtig artikel over mijn nieuwste boek Plant Power, je natuurlijke gewicht en de workshop aanstaande mei in La Vie Tara in de Happi Body van Happinez!


Video-interview over Plant Power
Verder een voorproefje op Plant Power, mijn nieuw te verschijnen boek in 2014! Lees en hoor hier over mijn natuurlijke gewicht, The Dutch Weed Burger en meer in het leuke interview wat ik had met CULICOOL!






About Me!


For me it is all about beauty, the beauty of life.
I want you to enjoy in a sustainable manner with respect for everything that lives.

What I do? You can call me a cupcake-baking activist, a stylist of idealism, a Veggie in Pumps, an inspiration to live an ecofabulous lifestyle, a trendwatcher or setter, a concept developer or even a designer in the field of sustainability. Call me whatever you want, but in essence I am just Liset who loves food, plant-based food!

I am not a believer of limitations, I am a believer of possibilities. I develop food concepts, write cookbooks and most of all I enjoy talking about food, good food!

I am not only a cook, but also aim to be an inspiration so that I can motivate others to take kitchen supply into their own hands. What I love most is letting people explore how to enjoy in a sustainable manner with respect to everything that lives.

My work is known for its practical approach and that I demonstrate that an ecofabulous life – in which food is a significant aspect – can be so incredibly easy.

The following examples gives you a better insight into my concepts and books:


Guide towards an ecofabulous life


Veggie in Pumps is a practical guide for everyone that values a good life, but at the same time feels the need to do so in the most honest and respectful manner. Looking beautiful should not be at the expense of the world and its natural resources. With a wink to the environment, the Veggies in Pumps enter the world in style.

Veggie in Pumps
publishers Artemis & Co
This book is sold out!


Every day recipes with an ecofabulous twist

Organic and animal friendly. Fast and easy!
In general, there are many people out there who try to live more sustainable, and especially in terms of food. They look for ecoproducts in supermarkets, but are intimidated by difficult recipes. Sustainable, organic and easy, does that actually go together? These are questions that I’ve often heard, which made me think about the idea to write a cooking book with traditional recipes. I want to show people that do not particularly know how to change their food behavior how these meals can be prepared in an attractive, tasty and responsible way with ingredients that can be found in every supermarket.

Wat de pot schaft is a cookbook for everyone that wants to prepare easy, healthy and fabulous meals. From a traditional Dutch vegetable mash with endive lettuce, to spaghetti Bolognese, pea soup, and typical Dutch recipes like ‘Elfstedenbliksem’ or ‘Haagse bluf’: honest recipes that are done before you know it!

Clear, accessible recipes
Shopping lists and tips
Information about the old ‘forgotten’ vegetables

Wat de pot schaft (Potluck)
Lisette Kreischer
Publishers Artemis & Co
Price ca € 19,95
Wat de pot schaft is now in stores!

Check out the roadmovie!


The ecofabulous baking book!


Since the appearance of my first cookbook Cooking Ecofabulous with the seasons, I’ve been asked more and more about recipes of my cupcakes and pies. For a long time I have kept them secret, but now there is Lisette in Luilekkerland, full of delicious recipes for brownies, pies, cheese cakes, biscotti and muffins. Ingredients are – of course – all a 100% natural and animal friendly; true eye candy with a fabulous taste!

This book is sold out but will be re-printed!
Lisette in Luilekkerland (Lisette in Cockaigne)
Publishers Artemis & Co


It's Fast, It's Vegan, It's Fabulous, It's The Dutch Weed Burger! Scientists of the university in Wageningen have discovered that seaweed and algues are new superfoods that could beat the world problem of food scarcity in the future. The production does not need any fresh water or extra grounds, since it grows tremendously fast – in the sea!

This was the reason why filmmaker Mark Kulsdom and I went to New York City to search for the look, feel and taste of the best plant-based dish with seaweed, to make this green veggie available for the hungry masses!

With the knowledge and insight that we gathered about plant-based proteins, superfoods and umami-tastes, we came back from New York and created The Dutch Weed Burger in The Netherlands together with Burgerz.

It’s a 100% plant*powered hamburger that breathes sustainability. From the bread made from algues and the umami-wakame salad to the veganaise that promises a true explosion on your taste buds! The burger is full of proteins, full of plant-based proteins and enriched with… SEAWEED!

The Dutch Weed Burger has grown to a campaign that tries to address that the step towards a plant-based diet does not mean that we are “losing” something, but that it creates a new cuisine full of new discoveries and a new culture with endless possibilities. It’s a campaign that tells a story about new possibilities in hard times of food crisis, with a super delicious hamburger!

Climax: In 2010 awarded with the titel Trendwatcher of the year in sustainability!

Curious and want to see more? Take a look at my Dutch version of the website

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